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SAM released his long awaited new single album Callin’ Me on last 23rd June. SAM’s 5th single album releases around the world after an...

Callin' Me Album Jacket

SAM released his long awaited new single album Callin’ Me on last 23rd June.

SAM’s 5th single album releases around the world after an almost two month hiatus. SAM’s 3rd album which was released on 22nd February 2015 hit the top 10 on MBC’s Radio charts and was a recommended song by the PDs on MBC Radio. With the arrival of SAM’s 4th Single “Wish I Never Had”, SAM performed live on SBS’s “The Show” for his fans in China and South Korea as well as Arirang’s “Simply KPop”. For his 5th single “Callin’ Me”, he will be lessening his live performances in order to focus his efforts on the completion of his 1st full album by the end of this year.

As CHITWN MUSIC draws a strong influence from international hip-hop music, SAM’s newest album shows a transition towards his musical roots. The tone of SAM’s 3rd and 4th album have a more balladesque feel while “Callin’ Me” shows a different color from his preceding songs. SAM hopes to show his fans his versatility in his music by using different sounds and styles. Fans can continue to expect
diverse genres of music from SAM and CHITWN MUSIC in the future.

SAM’s soulful 4 th album “Wish I Never Had” won the hearts of his female fans. On this album, SAM aims for the audience of his male fans with “Callin’ Me”. At the base of this song is a harp along with a vintage electric piano combined with a trap beat which creates hip-hop beats.

SAM – “Callin’ Me” Official 5th Single Album

With the featuring of Mint Lab Astronauts’ Pak.One , this hip-hop song showcases SAM’s ever soulful vocals along with the outstanding rapping abilities of Pak.One which complement each other very well. “Callin’ Me” is produced and composed by SAM and pak.one. They combined their talents to create a song that speaks to the imaginations of the male community. The behind story being about a girl that sits next to SAM on a bus and catches SAM’s attention. The attraction can only be described with the phrase “Love at first sight”. This song expresses SAM’s emotions while waiting for her phone call.

This is the second time the two artists have collaborated. The first being in SAM’s 2nd single album “Tonight” in which pak.one was also featured. The two have a long history as childhood friends. With SAM looking towards his first full album by the end of the year, the hopes are high that pak.one will be a part of SAM’s first full album as well.

As SAM prepares for his full album, CHITWN MUSIC is preparing their next artist, K.SHIN for his debut
single album. The album is due to be released at the end of the summer of 2015.

source : chitwnmusic

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